Seed to Seal Standards

The Seed to Seal® Standards pillar encompasses the ethics of our production practices, from laws to green standards.

As the leader of the modern essential oils movement and a close partner with the earth, part of Young Living’s stewardship is to do business responsibly, including sustainably sourcing rare botanicals, uplifting local communities, and always going above and beyond to comply with local environmental rules. The goal? To offer a pure product that you know is part of a greater good.

Top-tier standards:
Inexpensive essential oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced, which is why we choose to partner with sources we know produce pure essential oils and ingredients ethically and legally.

Not only is our compliance program exhaustive, but it’s also the first of its kind in the industry. It is the gold standard for compliance programs, and we are proud to have gone above and beyond to establish it.

We have engaged top legal experts around the world to keep us advised of the most current laws, as well as to inform us how to appropriately apply them to our most important business needs. The program identifies several specific legal factors related to harvesting in order to protect delicate landscapes, plants, and wildlife. We are then better informed to know where, how, and how much to plant and harvest. These steps set Young Living ahead of the curve in compliance.

Working to become an industry green leader
Our efforts go beyond a conscientious supply chain. Young Living’s commitment to sustainable business includes reforestation of harvested trees; recycling at some Young Living offices; and the construction of our brand-new, LEED-certified global headquarters in Lehi, Utah. These efforts collectively add up to an industry-leading effort to respectfully partner with the earth.

What the Standards pillar promises to you:
1. You can share your passion for Young Living with full confidence.
2. You work with a company that responds ethically to the complex global market.
3. You can have pride that Young Living has set the high standards for the rest of the industry and the world with our first-of-its-kind standard: the Sustainability Compliance Program.
4. You can be assured that the products you love will be around for a long time because Young Living is so heavily invested in partnering with the earth and protecting nature.

As a Young Living member, you value the opportunity to be a force for good. Our Standards pillar creates a system of legal, ethical, and green benchmarks that help you do just that, empowering you to love and share the benefits of Young Living with confidence and a clear conscience.

From our commitment to source our products legally and from ethical suppliers, to our reforestation efforts, to our efforts to continuously make our day-to-day business more green, Young Living products are a choice you can feel great about.


–from young living training and education FB