Fundraising with essential oils

How about fundraising the fun way and getting something that is actually useful and healthy?  Are you tired of all the typical fundraisers with silly magazines, popcorn or cookie dough? Okay, I’ll admit I kind of like the cookie dough…but what if you could help someone’s cause and purchase something to help your whole family?

I’m personally donating part of my commission toward your cause. That’s right, I feel strongly about giving back to the community. I also know that every home can benefit from having essential oils. This type of fundraiser that everyone will benefit from. It will benefit your donor and allow you to contribute $15-25 to your cause with your purchase. Plus you are making an investment in your whole health!



Setting Up Your Campaign

You can set up a campaign with me in the way that best fits your needs (and location). We can do an online (this means you don’t necessarily need to be local) or have an in-person event to benefit your campaign. I will help you with your fliers and how to make the most of your fundraiser from start to finish. Donors may enroll with me and purchase a premium starter kit. They will receive 11 essential oils and their choice of home diffuser in addition to product literature and samples. They will also get a FREE membership to Spoil Me Well (an online essential oil resource community).  I can also set up a special page for your fundraiser on my blog that you can give people a link to with detailed instructions. Hosting a facebook fundraiser is also a fun and easy way to find your supporters and get the word out about your organization.



How to Support Your Cause

  1. Purchase a premium starter kit using this link.  Your organization just earned $15.
  2. Send an email to your host and me ( notifiying us of your purchase and account number so we know which cause to credit with your purchase. Credits will be sent to your official campaign within 30 days after enrollments.
  3. Optional donation by enrolling in the Essential Rewards program to increase your support PLUS earn the additional Young Living FREEBIE promo for your enrollment month. (With a minimum 100 pv purchase in your enrollment month and months 2-3 your cause will earn an additional $10 per month). (possible $30 extra).
  4. The benefit you are supporting just earned $15-25 for your premium starter kit purchase and possibly more if you enrolled in the reward program. Thank you for supporting!
  5. Each new member will receive a welcome email, free e-books on essential oils and a  FREE membership to Spoil Me Well and online community and resources for helping you begin your essential oil journey.