About Spoil Me Well

About Spoil Me Well

We are best friends that want to help people learn how to spOIL themselves into wellness!  We believe in using essential oils, toxin-free products and taking care of your body from the inside out to feel and look your best.

Nikki – Oil Expert

Frailey 2015 - 183.jpgHi! I am Nikki and I am so glad you stopped to check out our site! I started my journey with essential oils a little skeptical, I’m not going to lie. My best friend and I decided to look into the craze and set out to find out everything we possibly could about all essential oils. We came across Young Living, and let’s just say it was a perfect match. The values that came with the quality of the oils were a no brainer for us. We leaped right in and fell in LOVE. We have incorporated the oils in our daily lives, and have loved every minute of it. We love these oils so much and they have literally changed our daily lives, so why not share our experiences and knowledge of these incredible oils! I love being able to share the knowledge we have gained and continuing to learn as we go on this journey. So click around and please reach out if you have any questions, we love helping people and seeing how oils can change other lives as well.

Jessie – Blogger/Team Builder


Hey! I am Jessie the resident DIYer. I am a mama to two amazing little people and we love to make everything ourselves. I wanted to share our projects and experiences with other mamas (and anyone else!) that love or are learning to love essential oils as much as we do.  I am also here to provide the tools and support to help those who join our team be successful in growing their business.

I started using aromatherpy and essentials when I was a kiddo before it was as popular as it is today.  I used to get nightmares and have trouble sleeping and my doctor recommended several things to support better sleeping patterns such as valarian and lavender. I have been an advocate since. Young Living was a perfect match for my BFF and our families because we believed in the company, the oils and what they stood for.

Spoil Yourself!

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