Marketing & Selling Essential Oils in the fall

Marketing & Selling Essential Oils in the fall


Fall (September-November)

Fall Essential Oils

•       Cinnamon

•       Ginger

•       Clove

•       Rosemary

•       Nutmeg

•       Patchouli

•       Orange

•       Eucalyptus

•       Cedarwood

•       Sandalwood



•       Thieves

•       Abundance

•       Highest Potential

•       Magnify Your Purpose

•       Longevity

•       Melrose

•       DiGize

•       Shutran

•       Valor

•       Australian Blue

•       Live with Passion

•       Mister

•       Immupower

•       GentleBaby


Fall is typically when your essential oil sales will see a drastic increase. It really helps boost motivation to see the seeds you’ve planted begin to grow. Stay consistent during this time with your events and take advantage of the timing when people seem to be most eager to learn and purchase oils. If you haven’t ready Eric Worre’s Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional yet you definitely should and then consider a “20 in 30” campaign for all the business builders on your team. If you don’t have business builders yet, challenge yourself and upline.

Essential Oil Workshops and Classes

  • September
    • Thieves Class
    • Vitality Class
  • October
    • Sleep and Stress Class
    • Baby/Kids Essential Oil Class
  • November
    • Men’s Essential Oil Class, Vitality Class
    • Holiday Gift Make-n-Take

September means that most kids are back and school and the start of the dreaded cold and flu season. During the fall and winter months our Thieves classes are always a huge hit. There are many ways to go about a Thieves class and we offer several variations throughout our team. Offer to host a Thieves make-n-take for anyone in locally in your downline as well. Often this is a great way to continue to have new leads and reach a larger reach of potential clients. Another great class to offer is a vitality class focusing on Young Living’s vitality line and using essential oils in the kitchen. In the coming months people will be doing a lot of cooking and baking so it is a great way to introduce them to these items right before they really need them.

October is a time of year when depression is higher than other months so offering a stress and sleep class is popular during this time. Lots of people have end of year deadlines approaching, the holidays on their minds and the weather is getting cooler so they are not outside and as active as much as they may have been during the summer. Historically I have had great success with this class and we generally make a roller, talk about diffuser blends and even some relaxing bath bombs or salts. Of course for my team I have done a lot of research into sleep and stress and oils that support this and have created a class outline with resources for them to present both in-person and online. October is another great time for kids and essential oils as there will be many new mommies after the busy birth months as well as the unfortunate cold and flu season when people are eager to find safe alternatives for whole health.

November is one of the best months all year for our team’s sales. There are many reasons from cold and flu season being in full force to people gearing up for the holidays. It is also “no shave November” which is a good time to do another men’s based essential oil class. A vitality class would be a good option in November before Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most popular class for you may just be one we love which is an essential oil DIY gift class. We do a brief oil 101 and then make things like candles, bath salts, sugar scrubs, diffuser necklaces, bath bombs and so many other goodies that people can use to give as gifts. I love to teach people to make their own essential oil goodies because it encourages them to use them for a variety of purposes and homemade gifts are becoming increasingly popular. A tip for this class is to limit to 2-3 things for time sake and then offer if anyone in the class would like to host their own, they can pick what items are taught in their class.

There are so many wonderful ways to promote essential oils, be creative! The fall months can be so much fun to share your love of Young Living and then see the growth of your team benefit as well.

fall essential oil

Marketing Essential Oils Online

My online reach during the fall months usually consists of a 101 essential oils class each month as well as a targeted oils class based on my make-n-takes for the month. For instance if I am doing a Thieves make-n-take I will also run an online Thieves class during this time. The reason I do this is so anyone local attending the online class can stop by to test out what they are learning about and it gives me the opportunity to use things from the make-n-take as giveaway items in my class. When people stop by for the make-n-take it is easy and convenient to answer their questions and also sign them up if they are ready. More often than not at least one person will sign up for a premium starter kit during the make-n-takes and classes. I try and take any unnecessary or time-consuming tasks out of my schedule and simplify whenever possible

I make an effort and stay consistent with social media posting, but since during this time business can get hectic, I generally have my blogs prescheduled as well as many social media posts. There are some really helpful tools to schedule social media posts, such as It is easy to do during slower months and helps keep you ahead of the game during the busy ones.


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