5 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Essential Oil Business

5 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Essential Oil Business

STEP 1: Get Your Starter Kit

In order to become a distributor and start your own essential oils business, you’ll need to sign up and purchase your premium starter kit.  This is the most cost effective way to get the most popular oils to try for yourself and share with friends and family.  The kit comes with lots of ways to share samples and information about the oils.

When you join our team, you will receive 1×1 business coaching with Jessie, who holds a master’s degree in business.  You’ll also receive a sign up gift with lots of essential oil accessories and goodies as well as plenty of resources to jump start your business.

Then you want to get your sales link so that when people order oils, YOU get credit!

You do so by inserting YOUR member number where the XXXXXXX are into this link:

You’ll want to start sharing this link with family and friends who are interested in purchasing Young Living essential oils.  This can also be done through the “link builder” in your virtual office.   We teach lots of classes on how to share Young Living the right way, attract new leads and so much more!

STEP 2: Set Up Your Sales Landing Page and/or Get Your Personalize Business Materials

Next, you want to set up your sales landing page, which includes your sales link, or have personalized business materials like cards and info graphics with your distributor ID so you get credit. This is vital since it’s literally how you generate sales! It’s also a great for people who are curious about oils or who want to make a purchase. It (the web page or info graphic) should do the “heavy lifting” for you and state the incredible benefits of Young Living oils.

You can do this by creating your own website, or by using the MY YL website available through the virtual office.  It’s $9.99 a month and totally worth it.

STEP 3: Order Any Promotional Materials

Consider giving away free stuff for those that sign up with you to help them get started. This is a great incentive and let’s face it, who doesn’t want something for free ☺ ? A great idea is to giveaway a free Essential Oil book (hard copy is easier for people to access than ebooks) because it helps people know how to start using their oils.  We have pre-made goody bags ready to go that include:


Welcome Books:


Spray Bottles:

Roller Bottles:

Dropper Bottles:

Fractioned Coconut Oil (for dropper bottles):

We make DVDs for new members as well that include short videos on how to navigate their virtual office, place orders, information about essential rewards and more.  This isn’t a necessity but we really feel it helps.  We also order new member starter cards and essential rewards cards from http://31oils.com.   Our team orders all these items in bulk and split the cost so it makes each accessory pack less than $10.  It’s worth every single penny to help our new members learn about the oils and really start using them!

STEP 4: Get Your Communications Ready To Go

You want to have your thank you, follow up and other sales emails ready to go for when you start selling.

As a perk of joining our team, we already have a series of emails that goes out helping our new members get started strong.  This includes how to use each oil in the starter kit, how to use the diffuser and even more oils to try.  We also discuss the business and essential rewards. It’s up to YOU though to follow up with your signups to see what questions they have and how you can help them.  The fortune is in the follow up!

You may also want to create shareable images to post on Facebook, Pinterest, your blog or any other social media outlets that you are on. You can get great images of oils that are free for you to use on Young Living’s Flickr page.  We use Oil Revolution Designs for most of our graphics and absolutely love the ease, simplicity and professional look of them.  You are also welcome to share any of our images from our Pinterest boards as well.

To add verbiage to your images, try Pic Monkey. You can tweak any YL images and add your distributor number, so again you get credit if it helps to generate sales.

STEP 5: Have Fun, Ask Questions, and SELL!

Once you get these basics complete, start to share and sell! The best way to “sell” oils is to use them and share your good experiences (just be sure to be compliant and share the oils the RIGHT WAY). There are also tons of resources out there so talk to your upline (or your sponsor) and they should be able to hook you up with oil presentations, sales generating ideas, etc.

Ask questions along the way and have FUN! You’ll get the hang of it in no time ☺  We’re always here to help so feel free to reach out to us!!

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