Apples are Nice, but YL-Inspired Teacher’s Gifts are Better!

Apples are Nice, but YL-Inspired Teacher’s Gifts are Better!

With teacher’s day coming up, here are some ideas for great gifts!


Reading, writing, arithmetic—is there anything teachers can’t do? Let’s have some fun and thank them for making the world a better, more educated place.

Just click on and print your favorite gift tag and attach it to the corresponding oil for a gift that will keep on giving!

Teacher, you’re such an “Inspiration” to me! (Inspiration)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Inspiration

Inspiration essential oil

Teacher, you have “mint” so much to me this year! (Peppermint)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_MINT

peppermint essential oil

You were “mint” to be my teacher! (Spearmint)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_MINT

spearmint essential oil

Thanks for helping me achieve my “Highest Potential” this year! (Highest Potential)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Highest Potential

highest potential essential oil blend

Is it out of “Lime” to say you’re the best teacher? (Lime)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Lime

lime essential oil

You’re an un-“Believe”-able teacher! (Believe)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Believe

believe essential oil blend

It’s a “Joy” being your student! (Joy)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Joy

joy essential oil blend

“Orange” you glad you were my teacher this year? (Orange)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Orange

orange essential oil

It’s “Thyme” I said thank you for being my teacher! (Thyme)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Thyme

thyme essential oil

Which tag and essential oil combo is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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