Winter Essential Business Building Ideas

Winter Essential Business Building Ideas (December-February)

Winter Oils


•       Peppermint

•       Spearmint

•       Wintergreen

•       Idaho Blue Spruce

•       Northern Lights Black Spruce

•       Orange

•       Eucalyptus

•       Juniper

•       Cypress


•       Thieves

•       Christmas Spirit

•       Into the Future

•       Lady Sclareol

•       Motivation

•       Sensation

•       RC

•       Sacred Mountain

•       Transformation

•       3 Wise Men

•       Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture


Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil - Young Living
Light and Incense 

The slightly musky and woodsy aroma of this blend helps support feelings of spirituality and peace.


Myrrh - Young Living Essentail Oil December Reflection

The Sandalwood overtones of this rich blend create an uplifting and relaxing fragrance that deepens a sense of togetherness.

Idaho Balsam Fir - Young Living Essential Oil
Fresh Winter

This blend’s aroma is reminiscent of a crisp winter forest with a scent that helps support meditation and encourages feelings of creativity.


Cedarwood - Young Living Essential Oil
Relax at the Hearth

Enjoy this light, calming, and relaxing fragrance while bundled up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of your fireplace.


I just love winter for using my oils like so many people do. One of the best ways to promote my essential oil business to friends and family without seeming pushy or sales-y is to give them gifts made with essential oils. I love to give homemade gifts so everyone on my gift list receives something with oils. I encourage you to do the same. Not only can you personalize them but also they are meaningful because the recipient knows you spent time and put a lot of thought into your gifts. Oh, and my Christmas cards? You guessed it; they will always smell like Christmas Spirit. It’s a great conversation starter and always memorable.


Direct Reach

  • December
    • Holiday Gifts Make-n-Take
    • Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture™ Class


  • January
    • Resolutions Class
    • Essential Oils for Weight loss


  • February
    • Sensations Make-n-Take
    • Sleep and Stress Class


Are you ready for some busy but really fun and excited months of business building and oil loving? I sure hope so. During December of course there is a lot of gift giving and buying 3143.jpggoing on. If you are a DIYer that sells your homemade goodness, now is your time my friend. This is bonus time for you because you have the ability to promote your homemade gifts while simultaneously promoting your oil business. I highly encourage you to attend local vendor markets if this speaks to you. If not, no worries, you still have a busy month ahead. I generally find the gift giving classes are popular at the beginning of the month and towards the middle and end is the time to once again visit the oils from a biblical standpoint by hosting a Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture class.


After the rush of the holidays and the New Year many people will be making resolutions. To start the year you might try hosting a resolutions class on how oils can support motivation, focus and achieving goals. Teaching this class will also help you with your goals for the year. Since many people set a weight related resolution a vitality workshop focusing on the Slique product line to support weight management will be a popular class. It’s a great time to also promote and talk about the benefits of the Ningxia Red line.

The advent of the New Year is traditionally a time to evaluate where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be.  Goal setting is a powerful process for envisioning what you’d like to accomplish and motivating yourself to make that vision a reality.

You may already be familiar with the SMART method of setting goals:

  • Specific—Goals should answer specific questions of who, what, where, when, and why.
  • Measurable—Goals should be quantifiable so you can track your progress.
  • Attainable—You should be able to evaluate whether your goals are realistic.
  • Relevant—Goals should be relevant to your life at this time.
  • Time Related—Goals should have a deadline to keep you on track and focused.

For example, instead of “I want to get in better shape,” try a specific, SMART goal, such as “I want to exercise after work, five days a week, for the next three months.”

Whatever your goals are, you can use Young Living essential oils to help you define your goals, remove emotional blockages, and solidify your resolve to achieve them.

Then comes February the romance month. During this month, host a “sensations” class focusing on essential oils for couples. The Lucy Libido book definitely will help you learn and teach about oils for this class. Good make-n-take items include massage oil and/or lotion, diffuser and roller recipes, and even bubble bath or salts.

I like to have unique Valentine’s Day items for my kids to pass out during their party, especially since many schools are banning food and candy. Make little containers of slime with heart confetti, play dough or diffuser beads. Another idea I love it to make lip balm with a note attached saying, “You’re the balm!”


Have you thought about partnering with other businesses to host an event? This can be very successful. Talk to local yoga studios, health food stores, chiropractors, day spas, massage studios and so on about having an event together or hosting a class for them. Be creative and be sure that you are offering something to them that is beneficial to their business as well.

Virtual Reach

During December I try to really promote my DIYs on the blog with stuff that is easy to make as gifts for people. Like previous months I like hosting online classes that correspond with in-person classes. I also watch the threads on social media about when people ask about a good gift for mom, or grandma, etc. It is a wonderful way to link a blog item that would work, post a DIY recipe and reach out to them if you sell these items as well.


January of course will be a great month for Slique sales as well as some of the single oil vitality blends. I also like some of the other amazing blends Young Living offers like Transformation, Motivation and Into the Future for supporting resolutions and goals. These are great blends along with Abundance to diffuse and use during times you are goal setting and working on business related activities including team-building events. An online vitality class would be a great January class as well as a resolutions and goal setting highlighting many oils that can support that. The slides are pretty easy to put together. I usually use one of Young Living’s promotional images about the oil I am highlighting and then discuss the oil in the description. I generally also put a link to my blog with practical way to use the oil if I have one that fits in well. All of the classes I am also sure to put a disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat anyone and ask that specific ailments be looked up in a reference guide or through a reference app. I strongly encourage all members to have a reference whether in print or virtual and help them learn to use it.

Define Your Goals 

When setting your goals, there are several essential oils that can help you gain vision and clarity about what you’d like to achieve, including:

Awaken—Inspires awareness of limitless potential

Believe—Encourages feelings of strength and faith

Brain Power—Clarifies thought and focus

Clarity—Promotes a clear mind

Common Sense—Enhances decision making

Dream Catcher—Boosts the ability to realize your desires

Envision—Renews faith in the future

Grounding—Clarifies; provides balance and enhanced spirituality

Highest Potential—Inspires self-confidence and purpose in life

Inspiration—Enhances spirituality and meditation

Into the Future—Empowers you to leave the past behind and confidently move forward

Motivation—Helps overcome fear and procrastination

Oola Balance—Enhances a positive outlook

Present Time—Provides focus on the here and now

During February I am generally promoting blends or single oils that promote feelings of love or work well for couples and am sure to link back as often as possible easy ways to use the oils. Doing this encourages current members to try new oils and potential members to see not only the breadth of oils offered but also the depth of their uses.


I lead by example, and I speak my mind. What I say today will be the same today, tomorrow, and the next day. I don’t like politics or games, so people around me always know where I stand. I like to see people achieve what they are capable of, and I strive to make other people feel like they are the best at what they do. ~Mary Young


Achieve Success with essential oils

Once you’re clear about your goals and plan of action, you can utilize the following essential oils to help you achieve success.

Abundance—Attracts prosperity and magnifies joy and peace

Gathering—Keeps you on the path to higher achievement

Gratitude—Supports emotional and spiritual progress

Joy—Brings happiness to the heart

Live with Passion—Fosters optimism and enthusiasm

Magnify Your Purpose—Stimulates creativity and motivation

Oola Grow—Helps you move forward

Sacred Mountain—Promotes feelings of strength and empowerment

Valor®—Promotes feelings of strength, courage, and protection

You now have a foundation to start or grow your Young Living Essential Oil business during the winter months. Stay focused and committed to your purpose and you will go far!

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