Blogging to Build an Essential Oil Business

Blogging to Build an Essential Oil Business

Starting a business with Young Living was as simple as being approached by a friend who told me how she got started with the business side. I think being a blogger (or starting a blog) makes it an easy transition to actually start a business as a Young Living essential oil distributor. Why?  Talking about our family’s life in a public outlet is what we do. Most of us are moms, we love our families, we are passionate and we are also entrepreneurs. It comes naturally to us to promote the things we love.

Let’s talk about what it takes to be a Young Living Distributor for a moment…

By purchasing oils, does that mean you have to sell oils? 

Nope! By becoming a member with YL, you are free to purchase oils at wholesale price without any obligation to sell or buy anything ever again.

Isn’t this just a pyramid scheme?

This is a network marketing business built on relationships. Joining the business is just an option to becoming a member, it’s not required. And it’s only a scheme if there are no real products being offered, which we know is not the case. Essential oils from YL are pure, therapeutic-grade oils that are life-changing. People love the oils and most of all, they love the healthy lifestyle and community that our team and this company promotes!

How much time will this require?

It all depends on how much you want to put into it. I can sit and work 2-3 hours on marketing ideas, answering emails, writing posts for my blog and social media. Most days I spend 1-2 hours a day doing something oil related on the business side. This is your own business, therefore you can put as much time into it as you want. There are no requirements, no work days or hours. The more you put into it the better your paycheck will be but ultimately it’s completely your call. I am a busy mom to two and expecting a third, I blog full-time and I also have a side photography business. Even with wearing three hats at home, I find a way to fit in a few hours a week into the oil business and the paychecks are what keep me motivated.

How much can I expect to make each month?

This depends on your rank and your business structure. Again, the more you put into your business the more you will get out of it.  Our team has a ton of resources to get you started that save you time and money because you hit the ground running and prepared! You can take a look at the compensation potential earnings for YL by clicking here.


I am not a sales person. How can I sell oils?

I have heard this several times before from my own members. Yet when they start receiving their commission checks they are pleasantly surprised and realize that you don’t have to be a sales person to do this as a business. In fact, a lot of people who have joined my team have said that they will never sell the oils because they aren’t sales people and now have thriving businesses just by sharing their stories. The products are the real thing and they work. They are invaluable to families and have helped so many find natural solutions to everyday problems. You don’t have to sell. By sharing your personal testimonies and experience on the ways the oils have worked for you and your family, people will see your passion.

Do I have to be a blogger to join your team? 

Absolutely not! I have people from all walks of life on my team. Some are bloggers, some are stay at home moms, I am a photographer, others already have a career but love their oils and want to get them free each month. You don’t need to be or become a blogger to join our team.  We have nurses, students, moms, dads, ranchers, teachers… You name it.

Why should I join your team? 

My upline is full of amazing and supportive women (and a few men!), who love to teach and have a willingness to share their knowledge and experience. I feel like I have learned from the best. In addition to this amazing support group, we also have a bunch of resources that become available to you after you join. We have graphics, class scripts, business building classes and even a private business building FB group.

In addition to everything you get in the starter kit, you will also receive:

1. An invite to our private Facebook group where you can ask for advice and questions of other new and experienced oilers.

2. You will have access to our webinars, classes, training videos, graphics on oil uses and business practices.

3. The option to do a free business boot camp. Then, the option to join a business builder Facebook group and access to business builder video conferences.

4. Our Business Builder Starter Kit. (NEW)  When you sign up with your premium starter kit, I will personally mail you a welcome gift with TONS of resources and accessories.  You won’t regret this decision because you are not only joining a great team, you will become family to us and nothing is more important or fulfilling than watching our nearest and dearest succeed!

How to get started with your essential oil business…

So do you think you’re ready to join us? Click HERE to ensure you follow the steps to join the right team. If you prefer to be enrolled by me, or if you still have questions, please contact me.


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