Custom Blends for Your Child’s KidScents Diffuser

Custom Blends for Your Child’s KidScents Diffuser

The introduction at the convention of our new Dino Land and Dolphin Reef diffusers generated a lot of enthusiasm. Offered exclusively by Young Living to combine fun and essential oils for kids of any age, these diffusers do triple duty as atomizers, aroma diffusers, and night-lights all in one fun, simple-to-use product. Members loved the themed designs, continuous and intermittent diffuser options, and the different light settings—especially the night-light features. Dolphin Reef KidScents Diffuser - Young LivingDino Land KidScents Diffuser - Young Living







Fun and simple to use, these kid-friendly diffusers are a great tool for children to explore Young Living’s pure, authentic essential oils. Here are a few fun ideas and custom blends to get you started!


Fun Oola - Young Living Essential OilBlends for Kids’ Dynamic Lives


Custom Kids’ Blends

Diffuse these fresh blends in your children’s bedrooms, playroom, or throughout the house.

Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil - Young LivingJungle Mist

A bright, floral, and woodsy aroma that will transport your child into a jungle playland.

Floral Glow
Ylang Ylang - Young Living Essential Oil

This fragrant, rich scent will create a cheery atmosphere in any little (or big) kid’s room.


Woodsy Breeze

Blue Cypress - Young Living Essential OilFreshen up any bedroom with this grounding, relaxing, and woodsy aroma.


Happy Homework

Cedarwood - Young Living Essential OilEnjoy this rich, smooth, grounding fragrance when it’s time to settle down for homework or quiet reading time.


What are your children’s favorite oils to diffuse? Let us know in the comments!

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