Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer

It’s back to school season and whether your kids head off on the bus, you school your little ones at home, they’re driving away to college, or maybe you are going back to school, you’ll want to stay prepared with these two Thieves® products!

-Use Thieves® Spray on any surface that needs to be refreshed, such as door knobs, lunchboxes, steering wheels, toys, sports equipment, or anytime you’re out and about!

-Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier is effective, safe, and gentle enough for kids to use to use on their hands, especially if soap and water aren’t an option. It’s portable and convenient size make it a great option for kids!

I would like to focus on the fact that the hand purifier and spray are made with a few simple, but yet effective ingredients. When you wash your hands with water, product ingredients are partially washed off; however, ingredients in hand purifiers are left to absorb into your skin. This is why it is really important to be aware of the ingredients in your products!
thieves sanitizer
You want to make sure your hand sanitizer has a form of alcohol as an active ingredient instead of triclosan. Triclosan or triclocarban is an antibiotic compound that has been used in antibacterial products for years. Last September the FDA banned the use of triclosan and 18 other chemicals commonly used in antibacterial consumer products because of evidence that shows it disrupts hormone cycles and causes negative health effects. The FDA said that there’s no evidence antibacterial soaps do a better job cleaning hands and chemicals in them may pose health hazards. However, the ban applies only to consumer products, not to antibacterial soaps and products used in hospitals and food service settings.

You also want to avoid the ingredient “fragrance” in any on-the-go purifier or product you ever use. Companies do not have to disclose the chemicals they use in their specific “fragrance” because it is considered propriety information. Fragrance could be filled with hundreds of endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Thieves® Spray Formula Ingredients: Alcohol denat., Water, Caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), Thieves® essential oil blend, Lecithin, Quillaja saponaria extract.

Thieves® Purifier ingredients:
Denatured alcohol, Water, Aloe barbadensis leaf powder, Glycerin, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Mentha piperita† (Peppermint) oil, Thieves® essential oil blend.

Simple, effective, convenient!


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