5 Things to consider before joining any MLM as a business builder

5 Things to consider before joining any MLM as a business builder

1) Why do want to join? What is the desired end outcome? What is your “why”?
2) Do you truly love and stand behind the products?
3) What is the best company for you?
4) Who is the best sponsor/mentor to join under? Will they provide the support you need?5) Are you truly ready to do what it takes to be successful?

The first thing I did before I even decided on essential oils was a little soul searching. I thought about why I wanted to start direct sales, what I would need to do, what industry to choose and both a short-term plan and long term one. I decided on essential oils for personal reasons and professional ones. I’ll start with my personal reasons. I have used essential oils and aromatherapy since I was a teenage. I grew up in a town that this was more widely accepted than a lot of other areas. My pediatrician and mom (who is a registered nurse) though incorporating some lavender and valerian into my bedtime routine might support better sleep habits. For reasons I am not able to publically disclose to be compliant with the FDA, I had developed very irregular sleep patterns that were interfering with my daily life. I started noticing results within a few days. Shortly after, my mom and I started yoga classes and I made everyone rice packs with lavender because of how much it helped me.


Fast-forward to a few years ago with only using oils intermittently, I researched and got my mom some pain gel with essential oils to help sooth her muscles before bed. She had great success where she’d been struggling in the past with countless attempts to relieve her pain. Then my son and I both started having respiratory issues (again, I cannot get specific on this). My son was prescribed several medications that had some pretty awful side effects so most of the time he refused to use them. I started doing more and more research on oils and decided I needed to change my way of thinking about healing my family. I also financially need stability. I needed to create an income that wasn’t dependant on me PHYSICALLY being somewhere. I own another business that has been very successful, but my income depends on my ability to be present. This had impacted my family several times when I was sick and had to turn down work for an extended period of time. I hated that feeling, even though I absolutely love my other business.


I didn’t immediately choose Young Living for my direct sales venture, however. I looked at several industries but I knew that whatever I chose it had to be something I supported and truly stood behind. The more I used the oils the more it became clear this is where I needed to be. I then began looking at the companies. I was actually introduced to another industry leader by a friend so I started there. Then I compared that company and other companies to Young Living. I felt Young Living was the only option for me for a number of reasons. The first being that they have been in business for significantly longer than any other company and are the “pioneers” in the industry. Having a master’s degree in business, I considered a lot of things purely business based such as financial background, debt to income, liquidity… I could go on but I’ll keep it at that for now. I also liked that they offered a much larger selection of single oils and oil blends. I was sold by the company’s commitment to natural products without the drive being strictly monetary. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t start doing this without a financial goal, but ultimately I wanted to help other people. I didn’t just want to help people with essential oils though; I wanted to put my background and education to use. I wanted to help others create a business they love and enjoy. I want to give people another option for income. I saw a future with more and more people moving to natural alternatives, DIYs and our healthcare system. It all fit together for me. Before joining any MLM one should consider the culture, ethics, vision, mission and so forth and be sure they align with personal values.


From there I spent time looking at distributors in my area. I kept seeing a trend of one distributor in particular being acknowledged as an expert and it seemed her team was very solid. She was also quick to help people and very knowledgeable so I set up a meeting with her, my best friend (and other half of Spoil Me Well) and myself. Why was this so important to me? It’s really, really important to have a good supportive team in direct sales. It’s all about duplication, best practices and having a mentor and support system is invaluable. Like I said before, I wanted to be sure I was going into this as prepared as possible and setting myself up for success. I signed up on the spot (as did my best friend) and we started game planning how to tackle the business, going over all our goals and everything we could think of. This is something I encourage everyone to do. I have had people talk to me about the business and I don’t jump on the opportunity to sign them up. I am honest in that you get what out of your business what put in, and honest with them about finding products they love and a team that will support them. I cannot help someone find success if these conditions aren’t met. I don’t want to ever have someone on my team who felt pressured or given unrealistic expectations.


Once I had joined and was focused on making a business I really started doing more research, going to my team’s events, asking lots of questions and duplicating what was working for them, but of course with my own flare. I feel authenticity in what you do is key. Even if you make mistakes, it shows you are human and relatable. Building a successful direct sales business can be very rewarding and can be a really great option for many. First, you can do this part time. Will you see the same results as if you do if full time? Probably not, but at least there is that option. You determine how much you put in. For me, I knew that a significant time committed would be needed upfront to really get the ball rolling. Reading books like The Four Year Career and Go Pro was my basis for my action plan. No matter what industry you pursue, I highly recommend those books. I also started following in the footsteps of leaders within my company. I followed them on social media, read their books if they had one and use that as fuel to my fire.
I planned and continue to plan. I have short-term and long-term personal and professional goals. I keep my focus on my why and try to make the most of my time rather than spending hours and hours on non-productive work (like checking Facebook). I focused on income producing activities. I focused on tasks that would result in quality leads. Now, I focus on my team more than I do recruiting because I want to see them succeed and I know that when they succeed, I will too. It is personally fulfilling to help others meet their dreams. This is part of my “why” and the other part is to provide for my family both financially and as a role model. It makes me cringe when I hear stories of people signing up with any direct sales company and not getting support and follow-up from their upline.  If you fall into this category, contact your company about what options you may have to fine a team that supports you!

So there’s my advice for considering network marketing as a business. If you are considering an essential oil (or a direct sales) business or maybe have even started, feel free to contact me directly with questions. I am always happy to help!

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