Strong Upline for Network Marketing Success


The Importance of Having A Strong Upline for the Network Marketing Success of your Essential Oil Business

Having a strong team is going to be the most important part of your business along with personal development. There are a few components to a strong team. The first part is joining a team that has a supportive and helpful upline. This means the person who enrolled you, magnifythe person that enrolled them and so on. It is possible to do well without a supportive and successful upline, but rare. There are many benefits when joining a strong team. The first of which is mental and emotional support you will receive. A strong team will encourage you, motivate and inspire you. Having a strong upline will ensure that you are getting the tools you need for success. For example, in our team we all share our teaching materials (for in-person and online classes) so we are not reinventing the wheel, there is consistency and we always have tools to attract new customers and really teach one another the benefits of Young Living oils. Our team is also very helpful in attending one another’s classes to offer support and testimonials. Along the same lines, we have open doors for our make-n-takes and encourage all Young Living members to attend even if they are not a part of our direct upline or downline. This helps to educate everyone and encourage him or her to continue using their oils. We often invite friends to other team member’s classes for this reason and they are welcomed with open arms. It is a great way for your team to constantly have something going on without one or two people baring the brunt of the work. We have business planning meetings to game plan about once a quarter.

I have heard many Young Living distributors give up early on in their oil business because they do not have the support they need and feel overwhelmed and lost on what to do or how to talk to people about essential oils. It saddens me because with a little direction and help and a lot of support and encouragement I know many of these people would be massively successful. If you are currently a Young Living member that is interested, already have started or possibly have given up on your oil business, talk to your upline. They should be readily available to help you get started on the right path.


Occasionally an upline will not be available for a number of reasons or not able to help. There are things you can do to join a team that is active, supportive and encouraging through Young Living. I cannot stress enough that the first and preferred option is always reach out to your upline. If this is not successful and you have not been active (purchasing a PV of 50 or more) in 12 months you can re-activate under another member.

If you have been active but are not receiving the support you need even after reaching out (three upline levels is required by Young Living), you can put in a request to be moved to another team. This is a last resort but I have seen it happen when someone is unhappy with where they are. Young Living does require verification you have made effort and there is good reason for the move such as an upline that has not contacted you in two years. Once again, it is really important that you join a very active and supportive team (if you haven’t already) that will provide you with the tools you need so do your research and reach out to them with questions to be sure they are a good fit for you. If you’d like to read about changing sponsors or have questions on Young Living current policies check the Policies & Procedures in your back office under “member resources”.

Have questions about joining the right team?  Contact us, we’d love to help you!



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