Why lavender essential oil is a neccessity in our home

Why lavender essential oil is a neccessity in our home

When I was a kid and preteen I struggled with sleep disturbances, falling asleep and staying asleep.  I would have nightmares so terrifying I would be scared to fall back asleep so I would keep myself awake at night.  It was a really awful thing to go through, especially as an elementary and middle schooler.


As time went on and my parents realized that this had become an issue, my mom decided to take me to the doctor.  This was serious because it was a very rare occasion my mom would take me to see my pediatrician.  She is a registered nurse and most often could “fix” things on her own and taught us to be strong and push through things.  This was something I just couldn’t push through.

After my mom and the doctor spoke and the doctor asked me about what had been going on, we all decided to try some natural approaches to support healthy sleep patterns.  After the appointment we went straight to the health food store and purchased lavender and valerian.  I went home and decided to make rice packs with lavender and valerian for my bedtime routine.  This was a game changer, my friends.  Not only did I find myself falling asleep faster, I was staying asleep and not waking up scared.

Fast forward about twenty years later.  OK, maybe 15.  Anyway, I found myself experiencing the same sort of issues, but now I had kids of my own.  I researched and researched ways to support sleep and was immediately drawn to all the studies I read about the calming effects of lavender.  Once again, I started using lavender in my bedtime routine and just like when I was a kid I started to sleep more soundly, I was comforted by the smell and fell asleep quickly.  I was not tossing and turning as much either.  I chose Young Living for a variety of reasons but the quality, purity and morals of the company really stood out to me. Since I believed so strongly in the oils, I started an selling oils as well because it was natural for me to talk about them and I had the desire to help people find ways to better their lives naturally.
Now, lavender is a staple in my home not only for myself but for the whole family (fur babies included).  We use it at bedtime, whenever we just need to “chill out” or just need some comfort that the smell brings.  If one of us is experiencing an extra tough bedtime we will add in some valerian or cedar wood for additional support.  I can’t even being to explain how something as simple as adding a drop of lavender to my pillow or back of my neck has changed my life.


** Please talk to your doctor about specific medical conditions. I am not claiming that any products will treat, cure or prevent illness. This is a testimony based on personal experiences. **

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