Thinking About Selling Essential Oils?

Thinking About Selling Essential Oils?


But there are a few things you need to consider before you dive into the essential oil market. There are a lot of different companies, brands, and even kinds of essential oils, and it’s a must to do some research before you join a company. NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL!

Before I started using and even thinking about selling essential oils I spent months doing research and reading every thing I could about every single company and oil before I even purchased one. I tried and tested multiple samples of different brands and compared them all.  I was even SUPER PICKY about who I signed up with once I found the right company for me (Young Living of course).


The reason I was so detailed in my research and hesitant about starting an essential oils lifestyle was because it was going to involving mine and my family’s health, which is a huge thing to be talking about and possibly putting at risk. Plus, if I was going to make a business out of this, I wanted to be sure I was only recommending the absolutely best. It was important to me to not just grab whatever oils were cheapest or easiest to get because when it’s my family’s well being we are talking about, I want the highest quality and safest form for us and anyone else that I would talk to about using them.

Which leads me to why I chose to partner with Young Living, for many reasons. Like I said, it took hours upon hours of research and reading pages of testimonials to decide this, and the pros of this company outweighed any of the others. It was an obvious choice once I did my research though because no other company compared.


A few things you want to
consider if you are thinking about selling essential oils:

If you are thinking about selling essential oils, consider choosing a company that has successfully been in the essential oil industry for a number of years. Sometimes with new companies popping up, there is no reputation behind them and you never know what will happen or if they will go out of business without notice. If they go out of business, so do you.  This is why I chose to invest my time, energy and resources into building an essential oil business with the company who really started it all.  They are the pioneers of the essential oil industry and have a passion for the oils and customers, not for business and making money (although they do make a great deal of money and so do many of their distributors).

Take a look at all the companies that are providing offers, compare the pros and cons, and then find out how long the company has been in business. You might also dig deeper and see if essential oils has been their main focus for the entire life of the business as well. This makes a difference as to if they are really a dedicating essential oil company or just trying to jump on the band wagon of the industry.  Because if they are just trying to jump in to make money, their oils are probably far from effective or safe which is not something you want to be promoting.  Not only is it a liability, it’s just bad business.


When looking into their reputation as a company, see how they act with other companies and their overall attitude of being in the essential oil industry.  There was one company in particular that seemed to bash competitors which turned me off completely. In fact, I have had many people tell me the same thing – the negative vibe – it was just too much. I fill my days with gratitude and positivity so I am not going to base my business on belittling competition.

How does the overall appearance of the company look? Are they nice? Do they talk bad about other companies? If you see any bad mouthing about another companies products, I would stay away. It’s not good at all to try to start a business with a company who has a broken business plan of bad mouthing other companies to try to make their products shine. If they are a good company, they don’t have to talk bad or compare themselves to any other company, because their products are good enough and there is zero controversy.  Young Living has outstanding products, customer service and treat their employees and distributors amazing.  This was exactly the type of positive, supportive and successful business I wanted to be a part of.


Young Living is a highly reputable company:

Young Living has been in the essential oil industry as a family owned company for over 22 years, and was founded by Gary Young, who has a hand in all of the companies’ farms and distillations processes. He believes in sharing the knowledge about the benefits of essential oils around the world, and helping consumers live a more natural and healthier life.

I love this company because they are extremely reputable, and do not believe in belittling others to make their company look better. They are a zero controversy company who only focuses on their own work, pleasing and teaching their customers, and their own hard work and success.


  • Are the oils 100% pure and therapeutic grade?

Blog_Seed-to-Seal-Infographic_US_0316_sk.pngThis point was a huge factor to me, because if the oils are not pure and therapeutic, it can actually hurt your body, and if you are thinking about selling essential oils, you need the highest quality.

When an essential oil is pure, it means it is only made from the plant and plant matter and includes no added substances or modified products, and absolutely no chemicals. Therapeutic grade means the oil is safe and okay to use on your body and is safe to ingest. (There are certain oils that should not be ingested at all.) Some oils say they are pure, but you have to make sure they are 100% pure. Keep in mind that even if a company says their oils may be pure, that may not mean they are therapeutic grade and safe to ingest and use on your body, which is really important.

A lot of this varies because of the way the oils are made and the distillation process. Some companies may claim their oils are distilled in high quality forms and under low temperatures, but what matters if they are first distillation oils, or 2nd or 3rd, which means they are left overs.


Even if some essential oils may be cheaper at a different location or with a different company, don’t gravitate towards them immediately. When it comes to your health, it is better to get a high quality product instead of a cheaply made oil.

If you use an essential oil that is not 100% pure and therapeutic grade, you are harming your body and could end up extremely sick and potentially at risk for very serious health complications. Always, always dig deep into the quality of the oils you are using. If you feel even slightly hesitant about the oils, hold off until you know for sure the quality of them.

Young Living’s essential oils are all 100% pure and therapeutic grade. They have gone through rigorous and time consuming testing to make sure they are all pure and completely safe for their customers to use. Young Living oils are cold pressed oils, and from 1st distillation, which you can read more about below.

  • How are the oils made?

Take a look at how the company’s oils are made. If they can’t or won’t tell you, do not buy them or support the company, and stop thinking about selling essential oils with them.

How the oils are made and where the company is getting the oils from should always be out in the open for the consumers. Ask about the exact process of making the oils. Ask if the oils are put through numerous detailed testing before being sealed and sold. And also look at the fine print of their products and see if they include the latin name of each oil and where the farm is located. If they cannot provide these things or hide these things, I wouldn’t trust them.

The reason I love and trust Young Living essential oils is because Young Living has their own farms and literally grow the plants that the oils are extracted from. They have their own specific process of planting, growing, extracting, and sealing the oils, and are done in the most careful and highest quality ways. They also include every Latin name of the plants grown to make the oil, and each Latin name in the blends as well.

You can read more about the Seed to Seal promise from Young Living, and exactly how their oils are made by the hands of their own founders and experts. Young Living’s oils are all their own, and never bought from any other farms or companies, so there is no middle man mumble jumble.


Be careful..

Some companies claim they have their own farms that grow the plants they get the oils from, but if you cannot find an address of their farms, I would not believe them. So many companies that claim this are actually buying the oils very cheaply from a farm, and then putting their marketing on it and selling it for more.

I also have to remind you to never, ever, buy any essential oil from online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. You never know if these oils have been tampered with, and may be diluted or received additives, and may not be a pure oil, even if it is in what looks like a company’s packaging. Make sure to only purchase oils through a trusted source, such as, especially if you are thinking about selling essential oils.


  • What are the benefits of being with the company? What about the fees?

A lot of companies try to build their tribe as big as possible, and they will convince you in any way possible to get your name on their list. They hide the fine print of the company and even exaggerate the benefits to lure you in.

Before joining a company, read every single fine print there is about any fees, membership dues, or minimum order/recruitment requirements. Sometimes a company may sound great, and a few months down they road they will kick you to the curb because you haven’t sold enough of their products, or you will be shocked to find out that you owe the company an outrageous amount of membership dues.

Which brings me to yet another reason(s) why I love working with Young Living:

  1. There are absolutely no membership fees to keep your account/membership. To become a wholesale member, all you do is purchase any of the starter kits, one time, and you are a member forever.
  2. There are no minimum monthly requirements, at all. To keep your membership active, you can literally sit there and do nothing. You don’t have to recruit a number of people, you don’t have to sell any required amount of products a month, and you don’t have to any cold calling and spam selling. It’s all on your own discretion. The only thing you have to do to keep your account active and receive wholesale pricing is to make a purchase of $50pv a year, and that is so easy to do.
  3. You get paid for having people join Young Living because of you, and the payout is exceptionally good. You can find a chart of the commission percentages here. You also get paid for any sales that are made through your referral, and the harder work, the more earnings you will receive. It’s all up to you and what you want to achieve.
  4. There is no cap on how much money you can make.  You put in the time and effort and they reward you.  You are your own boss, create your own schedule and in control of your business.  Take a look at the income disclosure.incomedisclosurestatement_image_us-3.jpg
  5. You can join the Essential Rewards Program, which is completely optional, and not a necessity at all to keep your membership. I love this because I order and use a lot of oils, so I get points for what I purchase and can use those points for free and quicker shipping and free oils. Yes!



  • How many different essential oils and different products are offered by the company?

Many people often overlook this when they are thinking about selling essential oils, but it is also a must to check off your list before you join a company.

Look through the company’s website or a catalog and see how many different essential oils they offer. See if there are any other products besides essential oils that are offered as well. If a company only sells a few different essential oils, you might want to look for a company that offers a wide variety of many different essential oils.

What Young Living offers:

Young Living currently offers over hundreds of essential oils in the single oil form, blends, and roll on oils. This is important because they offer something for everyone and the products are consumable which means that your customers will order over and over again.  This is important business wise because it means that people will continue to need and use the products and it won’t just be one time orders.

Besides just the wide variety of essential oils to choose from, Young Living also has everyday household products containing their essential oils, making them natural and safe for kids and pets to be around.  In fact, as silly as it sounds, a huge push for me to go all natural and commit to Young Living was so that my kids could help me clean more.  Did I mention I am a single mom?  Yeah, having the extra help is a blessing.  Before Young Living I never let my kids use store bought cleaning products because they were harmful!  I don’t worry about that at all anymore. Anyway, the products range from toothpaste, supplements and vitamins, laundry detergent and soaps, household cleaners, and even a line of products for your pets.


As you can see, there are many factors in deciding who to partner with if you are thinking about selling essential oils.  I hope this insight has helped you on a path to finding the right company for you.   If you are interested in learning more about the business opportunity or joining our team please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help and provide lots of resources to our team to set them up for success.


**Why Join Our Team?**

  • My full support, knowledge, and encouragement – plus that of the entire team!
  • Access to private Facebook groups that will help you learn about oils and grow your essential oil business. This includes check-in calls, newsletters, online classes, TONS of resources to start and nurture your business
  • A better way of living. You won’t regret this decision, I promise you!  Not only will you start on your path to better health, wellness and abundance – you will be surrounded by like-minded people doing the same.


Please feel free to contact us with questions about the business or signing up!

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