Safe, natural essential oil hot tub cleaner

Safe, natural essential oil hot tub cleaner


We love, love, love having a hot tub for the kids to play in but DO NOT love the harsh chemicals used to clean them.  My kids and I are super sensitive to them and are often discouraged from enjoying things like hot tubs because of it.  Based on lots of research and trial and error we have found that geranium oil is the BEST alternative to those nasty chemicals, it smells AMAZING and is known to have relaxing properties.  After cleaning the tub add about 20-25 drops to the water as it fills. Each time we use the tub, we add a couple more. Voila! Even with the hard water many of us face, this is an effective way to clean and prevent build up.

A great alternative to cleaning the filter is to fill a bucket with water and add a few drops of Young Living’s amazing Thieves (and an extra drop of lemon!) and allow the filter to soak for several hours.  You can also use a capful of Thieves household cleaner.  Be sure to spray the filter first with a hose to get rid of any grime build up.

On a side note, not just any geranium oil will work. Be sure you are using 100% pure geranium oil for full effectiveness.  Here’s what we think is best 🙂

Geranium oil.jpg









Want to enhance your hot tub even more?  Try adding 6-10 drops of other oils before you soak.

Clary Sage – known as a mood enhancer and also great for getting you in the mood… wink wink.

Lavender –  a great one to help relax

Chamomile – one of our favorite oils to unwind

Lemon – uplifting and clean smelling

Really, the options are endless.  Test them out and see what you like best and leave us a comments so we can try it, too!


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