Thinking about selling essential oils in your massage therapy practice?


Thinking about selling essential oils in your massage therapy practice?

Here are some things you should know and understand before taking the plunge

Essential oils can be an amazing healing tool and massage therapists can benefit from this in many ways. First and foremost, you can offer them during your services for an added benefit and base what you use on what the client’s needs may be. This does require an understanding of the oils, because you will want to offer education to your clients on the benefits. You also want to be sure that you are using pure, therapeutic grade oils such as Young Living’s amazing line as to ensure they are safe, consistent and effective. You don’t want to be recommending a product that you don’t know where it is coming from, how it is processed or even what’s in it.

Next, this can be a great supplemental income and way to get free oils for your business. You can recommend oils to your clients and offer them the information on how to buy their own through you. Then you receive the commissions on what the clients are buying and know they are getting awesome products that will help them. This is what they are coming to you for – to help heal them so again, this is a huge added value.

So how do you get started and best add essential oils to your practice?

Start by using them daily and understanding the benefits each of the oils has to offer. The better you understand the products, the more knowledge you can then pass to the client. This establishes you as the expert. They will trust you and you can then market the products you know and trust.  Take a look at this blog about incorporating the oils into your massages.

Offer lots of samples or even send them home with a thank you gift. I often give my clients bath bombs, lip balm or sugar scrubs I make with the oils as a thank you. I put cute labels on them with how they can order the oils and make these items themselves at home.

Understand why your client is coming in for a massage and pair the appropriate oil. They will more than likely ask about it and you can send them home with some information (or a sample!). Even if you just diffuse something as simple as StressAway or lavender, it adds a great relaxing environment that your client is sure to love.

Send out newsletters to your clients and offer tips and tricks with essential oils and even some home recipes like body butter, bath bombs (Can you tell I love these things!?). If you are really ambitious, teach a couple essential oil classes on reducing stress and invite your clients (and their friends!) for free. This is a value added to already great services you provide and gains loyalty from clients.



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