DIY Essential Oil Play dough – Moms love it too

Do it yourself (DIY) play dough is one of our favorite activities on rainy days or really anytime. It’s tons of fun and WAY better than store bought play dough.  You can experiment with colors, oils and even add some glitter for extra fun!

IMG_5891-2   IMG_5888




  • Mix the flour, salt, cream of
    It’s also a great lesson in following directions and measuring

    tartar and oil in a pan.

  • Mix the water with the food coloring.
  • Add the water/color-mix to the other ingredients, stir well.
  • Cook on medium heat for 4-5 minutes, while constantly stiring.
  • When the mixture becomes “doughy”, remove from heat and start kneading. (the dough will be hot, so be careful!)
  • As you are kneading add in essential oils and glitter (optional)
  • When desired texture is achieved, the playdough is finished, enjoy!


One thing I like to do is split the batch into smaller portions and make purple or blue (lavender), orange (orange), yellow (lemon, lemongrass) and green (wintergreen, StressAway or peppermint) red (peppermint or cinnamon), pink (lemon for pink lemonade or grapefruit)…. The options are endless. It is so much fun for the kids and the play dough lasts a really long time. Be creative and see what your kids like best!



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