DIY Essential Oil Seasonal Support Bath Bombs

DIY Essential Oil Seasonal Support Bath Bombs


Combine all of your dry ingredients into a big bowl and stir together with your whisk. I use a food scale to measure dry ingredients. I like to add pretty sugar sprinkles to my kids’ bombs for extra fun.


Combine wet ingredients. Place all of your wet ingredients into a cup and stir until mixed. Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients and stir them. (The mixture should begin to clump together but should not be runny or visibly wet.)


Grab your plastic molds (or whatever you are using to shape your bombs) and pack the mixture into the first half of the mold. Pack it as tightly as you can! Then, do the same with the second half. Add some extra mixture on top of the second half and squeeze the molds together to create your sphere. Press firmly so the two sides stick together If the mixture isn’t packing well, place the ingredients back in the bowl and add a SMALL amount of water. Be careful, though – too much water will ruin your bath bomb.


Wait a few minutes, and then carefully remove the bath bomb from the mold. I use a piece of wax paper and flip the molds over (unless using the round ones). If they crumble, don’t worry, just use the crumbles in the bath too!  No waste needed.

Place them on wax paper on top of a fluffy towel to maintain shape. To store them, keep them in a PETE plastic, airtight container or glass container.


Add a bath bomb to your bath or in the shower where the water hits but not directly above drain.  The warm water will help the oils diffuse into the air for inhalation benefits. I prefer to use them in the bath so I can soak in the oils and salts, but sometimes a shower is all I have time for and these can be made to use for so many essential oil benefits!

The combination of lemon, lavender and peppermint provide great seasonal support. For added benefits, throw in 5-10 drops of eucalyptus and/or frankincense.



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