A Strong Downline for a Successful Essential Oil Business

A Strong Downline for a Successful Essential Oil Business


Once you have decided to start building your business and have a strong upline to help you, it is important to maintain a strong downline. Having a strong downline will build your business and drive your sales. Take a look at this video about Young Living’s compensation plan and then watch this one on their elite express incentives and it will motivate you to start building a solid, productive team.

There are many things you can do to build your team such as monthly or quarterly business planning meetings. This allows everyone to build moral, help one another and takes the stress of feeling alone away. Encouraging their personal development and being very involved with their goals will take you far. Get to know your downline and what drives them so you can help them achieve their goals. Be sure that not only does everyone have personal goals both short term and long term, but also cumulative ones. People want to know they are part of something bigger, part of a community. By helping your team and developing strong leaders, you will find success. For me, it is very fulfilling to help and watch my team succeed and brings me great joy beyond any commission check I could receive.13913588_10155106892696982_4962283701763787885_o-2

So how do I support and encourage my downline? First and foremost find out their goals and what motivates them. Support them by providing knowledge, any tools you can share with them and reward them with a job well done even if that’s just a quick note to say you noticed they signed someone up or had a great volume for the month. I like to randomly send out thank you cards to my team with little oily goodies I make to let them know I am thinking about them and I am available when they need me. I will of course text or email them as well. I have a weekly email that goes out with lots of oil DIYs and info to help support them. I also will provide every new member with a starter accessory pack with a dropper with V-6, a roller, an amber spray bottle, an essential oil book to get them started and also several different marketing brochures that they can give to friends and family. This costs me very little and invests in their success and love for the oils. One of the leaders in my upline has a personal library she checks books out to on our team. It is so great because she has wonderful leadership books as well as many essential oil educational books. It is a great resource for our entire team and helps us all in our personal development as well as team. It is important to have non-business activities and get-togethers as well. Plan team dinners, movie nights, play dates, whatever fits your team. This builds friendships and allows people to have others to rely on, ask questions and encouragement. This again helps your team to develop and shows them they are part of a movement, something bigger than just themselves and they are an important contributing factor.

Upon signing up, I encourage every new team member to host an oil class or make-n-take within the first month. This serves several purposes, the first being that they are given more information on their oils and it helps to promote the oils to their friends and families and hopefully earn those commissions to pay for their premium starter kit. It helps them build their community of friends and family that are also oil lovers so they have those people to talk to and share oil love.

14258120_10155245673151982_7807861759024888758_oAlong with building community, when signing new members up you can enroll them and have someone in your downline be there sponsor. There are quite a few reasons to do this (watch this video for some details). First of all, this helps encourage your downline by blessing them with that member and helping them grown their team. My upline has taught me to be strategic when doing this and placing like-minded individuals together as they will encourage one another with their own niches or areas of interest. Have a strong DIY leader? You can then help them grow by putting other DIYers on their team. Have a strong teacher? Do the same for them by placing members who love classes or are interested in teaching them. This also helps you to grow your “legs” which helps rank advancements down the road. Be sure you are not allowing your team to rely on you solely for growth and they are actively building their businesses, but instead rewarding them with new team members. For questions on terminology and Young Living compensation click here.

c3ae08ca8f8321560cfaaf531b9bb990Reach out to your team members often whether that is with an email, text message, a phone call or a one on one coffee date. Be sure to ask them what help they need or how you can be supporting them best. Not only will it help to understand the needs of your team, it truly shows them you care and are dedicated to their goals as much as they are. To me it’s important to support their personal lives as well as business. I am old fashioned with trying to always do hand written thank you cards as well as birthday cards and Christmas cards whenever possible. You have their contact information in your virtual office when you click on their names. A team that feels lost and without support or leadership will go nowhere but a motivated team that knows they have help when needed and that feels valued will move mountains.


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