Essential Oils as a business?

Essential Oils as a business?



After using essential oils and aromatherapy for most of my life I finally made the plunge to add it as a business opportunity.  It was after a ridiculous amount of research on every aspect that I decided this was a good fit for my family.  Here’s what I took into consideration:

What company do I want to go with?

I chose what I feel is the best company for therapeutic grade essential oils based on several things.  First, they own their own farms all over the world and have distilleries on location. This ensures they know exactly what is in their oils (not outsourcing this to anyone else), but also what is in the soil they are growing them from and basically quality control from start to finish. This also means that they are growing the plants in regions they grow best.

Here are the only therapeutic grade oils we trust and use.

I also truly love what the company stands for and feel they are all about the integrity of the product than just pushing sales.  I also need to know this was a stable company (been around more than 20 years) and I was joining a supportive and active team.  Once I decided Young Living was right for my family, I needed to find the best people to have on my team that would help me to be successful and grow.  The team you sign up with can and will make or break your business.

Here’s a little more about the company 

Why do I want to do this?

This is really important.  Why.  Why would I want to go from just being a consumer to promoting the brand?  Well, when I sat down and thought about it there were a lot of reasons. First and foremost, I believe in the products and the company.  I wanted to share my successes with others.  Specifically, I love to make things. I love the fact I can use these oils to “DIY” basically everything and know exactly what I am putting into it.  Play dough for the kids?  Yep.  Soaps, lotions, lip balms, household cleaners – all made with natural ingredients and it’s cheaper than store bought. Win-win.  I want to share that with other families and help them see and feel the same benefits my family does.

Read this article about studies done on essential oils

With starting any business there is always the financial aspect. Of course I want my business to be successful, otherwise it would just be a hobby so I needed to know I was going to be able make money selling essential oils.  Having said that, I put a ton of time into my team because that is where I know I will excel.  I mentor them not only on essential oil education, but business practices. I want each business builder on my team to feel empowered to succeed and have the tools they need to do so.  I am a single mom of two amazing kiddos and I want to help other moms (especially single or struggling ones) have the opportunity to provide for their family by doing something they love – just like I do. I am a firm believer you can only be successful with a business you believe in, and if you don’t stand behind the company and products it will show.  I make sure that those who want to build a business, it is because they truly see the benefit and believe in the company.

How will I become successful?

Well, like I said before, I am 100% dedicated to helping my team grow.  I continue to create materials, mentor and send out business building tips, tricks and tools.  As I learn more and grow, so does my team.  Because that’s just it: we are a TEAM.  It also helps that I already owned a successful business when adding this to the mix. I’ve had time and experience to start off strong (as well as a master’s degree in business) and I’m a dedicated entrepreneur – always learning and finding ways to better the process. I set goals – short term and long term, not only for myself but the growth of each team member.  Ultimately if my team is successful, I will be successful so my focus is primarily on helping them grow.

Want to join or more information?

Great, let me know how I can help you.  Email me and we’ll talk.

Here is a great video on how to get started with your YLEO business:

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