Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Young Living Grapefruit Essential OilI absolutely LOVE grapefruit. One breakfast I never get tired of is grapefruit in the morning, so when I started using grapefruit essential oil it was natural that I fell in LOVE with it. Grapefruit essential oil has a wonderfully uplifting and invigorating aroma that’s in a league of its own! Whether you diffuse it to enjoy its sweet scent or add it to your hair and skin care products, using Grapefruit essential oil is the perfect way to perk up your day.

  • Diffuse alone or with other citrus and crisp-smelling oils like Tangerine, Orange,Bergamot, Rosemary, or Tea Tree for a refreshing aromatic experience.
  • Add to your favorite shampoo or conditioner for a fresh citrus burst that will leave your hair smelling like freshly peeled grapefruit.
  • Add to your favorite skin care products to help your skin stay healthy-looking and bright.

Grapefruit Cellulite Cream

Cellulite Creams can be really expensive and ineffective. Instead, try this grapefruit cellulite cream recipe with added juniper for cirrculation support. Coconut oil will help hydrate the skin while grapefruit essential oil contains large amounts of the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, which may help break down cellulite.

Note: Citrus essential oils are highly concentrated because of this, we recommend you use glass containers when storing them so they do not eat away any of the plastic.


  • 20 drops grapefruit essential oil
  • 10 drops juniper essential oil
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • Glass Jar


  1. Mix essential oils and coconut oil together
  2. Store in glass container
  3. Rub into areas of cellulite for 5 minutes daily



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